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Leveraging your organisation to maximize product management

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Presentation Overview

Identifying the Function of Product Management

  • Product Management is:
    • An enterprise information management function
    • A value proposition articulator
    • Multi-stakeholder facilitator
    • Strategy to delivery coordinator
  • The Function of Product Management:
    • Spans many across multiple software deliveries
    • Involves the participation across the whole organisation
    • To understand where the priorities are coming from
      • The internal state of funding of programmes, project state, and participating stakeholder motivation; will in turn require the product management function to look at how the roadmap is balanced.

"Improving the strategic value of product management is key to tackling the tough delivery challenges that face large institutions today."

Changing Priorities and Motivation

Company state determines the behavior of the product management function across roles and stakeholders during the roadmap process

Leveraging Operations

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