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PPG is a software consultancy, focusing on the integration of internally or vendor supplied risk components, working with existing internal and external programme teams. With offices in London and Canada, PPG provides a wide range of services, software accelerators, programme delivery, and access to industry partners and specialist services.

Risk System Selection Consulting

PPG has been involved in many vendor selection process and comparison processes. We will help you create the full range of selection processes and guide you through the programme management, delivery estimation and internal cost estimation process.

Business Needs Analysis

PPG provides a range of approaches to work with the Business and IT stakeholders to capture the governing vision and drivers, and then collaboratively build delivery programmes and scope.

Application Design

Choosing an application infrastructure and approach that aligns with the clients IT strategy and market best practices is a key step to ensure that any given risk solution properly integrates across all components and existing/chosen infrastructures. PPG has successfully worked with vendors, external partners, and IT staff to openly identify tradeoffs, approaches and designs throughout the project lifecycle.

Vendor Integration and Deployment

  • PPG has a wide range of experiences with QuIC Financial Technologies, a leading vendor of financial risk simulation and pricing analytics
  • In addition to QuIC, PPG has experience with a wide range of leading risk management software vendors in the marketplace
  • PPG contrasts vendor solutions knowledge with internal build experience to provide a wide view of approaches for integration

System Reconciliation Expertise

  • Business alignment and analysis in development roadmaps and strategies for delivery trading and capital solutions such as CVA, EC, and RegCap
  • Understanding of front-end/user requirements for trading module development for traditional trading limits and risk results use
  • Market implied/risk neutral modelling expertise
  • Collateral and netting implementation alongside trading reconciliation
  • Portfolio regression, instrument, trade MTM, and CVA regression testing


"PPG provides a strong balance of results oriented leadership and business savvy that unifies IT, Business, Vendor and Consulting staff into a strong partnership".

Our Work

PPG is committed to creating risk management solutions for its clients that are tailored, transparent and flexible.

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