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Transparent ROITM - An Operational Discussion for Managing Products

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Powerpoint Overview

Decision Management Evolves

  • Change Is Necessary for Business Growth
    • Leadership is about managing change; taking risk
    • Management is about managing complexity; minimizing risk
  • Need to Manage Future Value / Wealth
    • While including revenue and initial cost, analysis must key an eye on long term commitments, support implications, etc…
    • Mode of managing change, changes!
  • Information Processes Must be Adaptable
    • Relevant information is key to making effective decisions
    • Good information will lead to good decisions, and poor information can be disastrous

Stakeholders Require Clear Info

  • Need to Create a Unifying Language
    • Across all stakeholders’ point of view, motivation and lexicon
    • To articulate revenue and investment tradeoff assumptions (Return on Investment – ROI)
    • Revolves around iterative return analysis across all stakeholder investments
  • Transparency is Key to Unifying Stakeholders
    • To make decisions from all supporting information
    • Understanding the range of impacts and likely results
    • To make timely and more successful investment decisions

Transparent ROITM

"A new way to track & dimensionalize information + put it back together into the decision management process."

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