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Case Studies - PPG Risk Solution

Download the full presentation PDF of the overview of client solutions.

Presentation Highlights

Solution Overview

  • Multi-user, real-time event driven, portfolio simulation portal and data platform
  • Comprised of server-based and web-portal modules
  • Used for portfolio management and simulation-based regulatory calculations
  • Works with existing front office, market and static data systems
  • Provides a transparent and version controlled environment for all supporting transaction, market and static data
  • Drives a range of simulations and reports

Differentiating Approaches

  • Trade Management
  • Business Workflow Support
  • Real-time Event Driven Business Functions
  • Data Management

PPG Risk Solution Benefits

  • Provides transparency and management to underlying data, key to streamlining traditional production support issues
  • Reduces multi-system feed adoption
  • Reduces instrumentation on-boarding projects
  • Multi-user & parallel simulation environment key to running overnight, multi-region and multi-user simulations
  • Supports interaction with desktop version that has proven key for trader research, trade quotes (CVA), system testing and support
  • Risk management frameworks proven in front-office environment

"The system supports a server and desktop version that has proven key for trader research, trade quotes, system test and ongoing support."

Our Work

PPG is committed to creating risk management solutions for its clients that are tailored, transparent and flexible.

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